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The Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia Communication Department invites to the First Don Bosco Khmer Blog Social Award 2011 for past pupils of the Don Bosco programs of social communication and IT in Cambodia. Please read the details of the contest if you want to participate. The deadline is June 24 and the winners will receive the award during the Second Summit of the Don Bosco Social Communication & Journalism Past Pupils Association 2011 to be celebrated on July 1st, 2011 at the Dominic Savio Auditorium, Don Bosco Technical School Campus (Oupram Street, Sihanoukville).

  1. Contest

The Don Bosco Khmer Social Blog Award 2011 Khmer Window to the Worldis organized by the Don Bosco Foundation of Cambodia Communication Department. Its mission is to motivate the past pupils of the social communication programs in Cambodia to continue their purpose of communication for the social development of their country inspired by the Salesian Preventive System of Don Bosco.

  1. Topics

The candidate blogs must choose any of the following topics:

The ECCC (Khmer Rouge Tribunal): Keeping memories, so bad things will not come back.

Rights of women: Building a country together.

Child Safe: Caring the seeds of our own future as a nation.

Drug prevention: For a healthy youth.

The farmers guide: A blog to support poor farmers and the prevention of natural disasters.

The teachers board: A blog to support the academic activities of basic school teachers in Cambodia providing methods, videos and documents for their work in the education of children.

Ecology: Save the earth, save Cambodia.

Other topic suggested by the participants with the tags: development, social and prevention.

  1. Participants:

A blog can have one to four administrators.

Students of the second year of social communication & journalism in Don Bosco Sihanoukville (3rd promotion).

Social communication & journalism past pupils of Don Bosco Sihanoukville (1st and 2nd promotion).

IT past pupils of any Don Bosco school in Cambodia.

IT, communication or blogger past pupils of any Don Bosco school in other countries for the foreign category. The candidates must be introduced by a Salesian or teacher of any Salesian center.

Cambodian non Don Bosco-related blogger younger than 25 years for the external category.

  1. Categories and awards: The funds received by winners must be invest in the development of the blog

or the social topic they are promoting.

  1. Applications: Send an email to management@donboscosihanoukville.org with the following information.

Personal information

Identity of the blogger (s): name, job, position, contact address, date of studies in a Don Bosco school, phone, etc.

Details of the blog:

Title and slogan.

Date of creation.

Tags and meta description.

Rank position in sites like Google or Alexa.

Blog structure (pages, ads, scripts): Every part of the site must be explained (objective and mission; what is

the purpose of that page or ad.)

Description of the social campaign promoted by the blog:

Social context: What is the problem, statistics (you should demonstrate that you know the problem well.)

Objective public: Who will read the blog? How they will use the information?

Objective of the blog: What is the purpose of the blog?

Source of information: Where the information to produce articles, videos, etc, is gathered? Do the population participate on it? How is the participation of your readers on the production of the blog?

  1. Fixed Conditions

The blog must be produced in Khmer language, but it must have the possibility for international readers to understand. It means that the blog must content English language also or any major international language.

For foreign participants will be the same: it can be produced in your language, but with the possibility to be read by the international community.

The blog can have one to four administrators. If it has more than two administrators, they must appeared as fully active in the development of the blog.

The blog can be hosted in any website server.

It can be text, photo, video or audio blog.

Content must be original (no copied files such as texts, photos, videos, etc, even if those files are under free license, they must be produced by the blogs administrators.)

The blog must have its Facebook page, a Youtube or Vimeo channel and a Twitter account, all these must be interactive.

Topics like ideologies, political parties, violence, racism, xenophobia or religious propaganda, are not included.

The blogs to participate must put a logo of the contest that you can copy from the official page atcambodia1.wordpress.com.

Blogs can be created specifically for the content or they can be blogs with a time previous to the contest.

  1. Selection

Judges are anonymous.

They are three judges, whose names will be known on July 1, 2011.

  1. Information

The official website for the contest is cambodia1.wordpress.com.

There is also a page of this contest at donboscoasia.info, donboscosihanoukville.org anddonboscokhmer.org.

There is also a Facebook Page (wait updates.)

Follow also information in Twitter: SDBofCambodia and Skype: Albeiror24.

Every blog to participate must publish also information and updates on the same blog.

Keep update because information can change any time.

Contribute to the First Don Bosco Khmer Social Blog Award 2011

Promote it in your media so Don Bosco past pupils can know and participate.

Donate funds to the award, so the winners can get more and second and third positions can get something too, as well as special awards.

Contacts: management@donboscokhmer.org / Albeiro Rodas, SDB / H.P. (+855) /

Skype: Albeiror24.

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