School Contribution

The actual cost of providing the courses is currently just over USD 700 per student per year for day students and almost USD 1,600 for boarders. However, the course School Contribution charges are significantly less because Don Bosco aims to provide technical training for young people with no economic resources, especially from rural areas and impoverished communities.

The School Contribution is split into School Contribution paid by students and School Contribution paid by sponsors. In each of these two groups, there are different levels of payment according to the financial situation of the student or sponsor.

2021Contribution (USD)
Mechanical-welding1 year164444
Secretarial1 year164444
Electrical1 year173453
Hospitality & TourismSemester9090 plus 35 per Month
Annually170170 plus 35 per Month


  • The School Contribution above does not cover all costs. It covers a few basic things such as utility, learning materials and uniform (workshop and sport) including food “breakfast and dinner” for boarder students.
  • Non boarders who live outside should note that they have to pay their own rent and food.
  • If an applicant already has a benefactor they should make this known to Don Bosco.