Automotive Department

Automotive skill is in high demand for many industries, this skill usually attracts only male students because most of the time they need to operate with machines and some heavy tools. This 2 years program with associate degree will be able to bring students with capability as following:


  • Understanding general theory of related to different part of the vehicles
  • Be able to maintenance, service and repair automotive engines, air-conditioning, suspension including disassemble and reassemble different parts of the vehicle. 
  • Be able to operate different tools kits in automotive workshop and perform gas and electric welding.
  • Be able to use basic computer programs such as MS. Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint. 

Entry requirement


The applicant must have finished grade 12 (either pass or fail)

Job opportunities

Students can work for manufacturing firms, automotive firms, garage workshop, factories or start their own business. Working in these fields require practical knowledge of installation/repair/maintenance of operating machines, welding techniques, technical drawing, etc. 


  • Electric system
  • Mechanic Drawing
  • Car Maintenance
  • Suspension
  • Car machine system
  • Car electric system
  • Car air-conditioner
  • Filling & safety
  • Mechanic measure
  • Electric measure
  • Gas welding
  • Electric welding
  • Car Driving

Don Bosco Technical Sihanoukville, more than 20 years experience in technical training program.

The hotel established on 12th February 2007. The purpose for the hotel school is supporting the disadvantaged Cambodian youth in providing them a thorough education in the hospitality business.