Hotel’s Policy

Hotel Regulation

Enjoy a peaceful, family friendly environment at Don Bosco Hotel School.

  1. Guests are required by law to register with proof of ID at the front desk upon arrival.
  2. No noise, drunkenness or disturbance after 10 pm.
  3. No smoking inside the room and public areas.
  4. No drinking inside the room.
  5. Prostitutes are not allowed in the hotel.
  6. Minors under 18 years of age must be accompanied by family or a Guardian.
  7. Guests must greet visitors in the lobby, restaurant or other public area. Visitors must NOT go directly to guest’s room. However a special case may be approved by hotel management.
  8. Do not rearrange the room or invite unregistered persons to stay in the room without prior approval.
  9. Do not bring: weapons, toxics, explosives, and inflammables into the hotel.
  10. No cooking in the rooms.
  11. No animal, bird or other pet to be kept on the premises, even temporarily, except properly trained dogs needed by blind, deaf or disabled persons.
  12. Leave the room key at the reception when leaving