Vision & Mission

Since 1999 until now, the mission of Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville remains the same which aimed to provide technical education for the poor youth with higher standards of morale and culture of work. Don Bosco Sihanoukville is also the headquarter of “Don Bosco Children Fund of Cambodia (DBCF)” which aimed to provide scholarships for younger children who are orphans and/or abandoned to be able to go back to school.

Target Groups and Impact

Young people who have finished 9 to 12th grade. These youth are from rural areas with limited economic resources, are orphans, and/or abandoned youth. Younger children in similar circumstances are sponsored through DBCF in order for them to finish 12th grade.

Vision and Mission

The Don Bosco Technical School Sihanoukville is a community of Salesians, lay mission partners, youth and children, living the spirit and method of St. John Bosco for a new civilization of love. Give young people the opportunity to get a two year technical education which gives them a better chance to get a job and thus improve their standard of living. Provide conditions for underprivileged children in Cambodia, through DBCF, to continue their studies up to 12th grade.


Offer technical education to poor young people who find difficulty in joining the national stream of development, so that they can break out their cycle of poverty.


  • Educate young people in technical training as a way to give them tools and strengthen their talents to be able to become a better person for themselves and society. 
  • Produce a friendly atmosphere for children and youth to express themselves in a responsible manner.